Metallurgically Superior, Yet Less Expensive

The Process

Bi-metal casting begins with the controlled melting and alloying of metals. All melting occurs in modern coreless induction furnaces.

Our unique casting process achieves a rapid rate of heat transfer from the shell to the core portion of the mold medium, resulting in the production of a solidified metal. This production method enables us to produce bi-metallic sleeves that feature high-wear resistant shells with inner cores that are tough and forgiving.


Bi-metallic casting offers numerous benefits compared to single-alloy casting. They include:

  • Combining the Best Properties of Two Different Metals
  • Allowing Production of High-Wear Resistant Shells with Tough Inner Cores
  • Improving Both Wear- and Breakage-Resistance

At MCC, we take pride in our craftsmanship. That’s because our operational and quality procedures result from a solid understanding of theory, and years of practice.


Our variety of centrifugally cast bi-metal products includes:

  • Gear Blanks
  • Rolling Mill Sleeves
  • Bar & Tube Mill Sleeves