MCC International is a leader in the casting and finish machining of high grade, centrifugally cast ferrous and non-ferrous products used in applications ranging from steel mills to power transmission lines to elevators.

Our unique near-net shape centrifugal casting process enables us to cast and machine complex, irregular and concentric shapes in a wide range of diameters and weights.


We manufacture a wide range of quality products, including Beam Mill, Tube & Cantilever Rolls.

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Our centrifugally cast and machined materials are used to make Gears, Bushings, Bearings, Nuts, Valve Bodies and more.

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Centrifugal Casting

See Our Casting Process In Action!

Benefits of Centrifugal Casting

  • Minimization of Defects (Shrinkage, Voids, Gas Entrapment)
  • Superior (Finer) Grain Structure
  • Higher Mechanical Properties (Strength, Ductility, Toughness)
  • Directional Solidification that Minimizes Impurities
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Benefits of Bi-Metal Casting

  • Combines Best Properties of Two Different Materials
  • More Cost-Effective
  • Allows Production of High-Wear Resistant Shells with Tough Inner Cores
  • Improves Both Wear- and Breakage-Resistance
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